Running Hass.IO & Hass OS on VMWare ESXI 7.0

Having had some issues properly running Hass OS on ESXI, I decided to create this short guide! It’s important to convert the VMDK to one that can be used for snapshotting and other ESXI Features.

Please follow the below steps (and as outlined in the video) in the correct order. I’ve had some issues making changes along the way and was unable to rectify them later on.

  1. Download the VMDK file:
  2. use 7-zip (or another tool- to extract the VMDK from the archive
  3. Upload the VMDK file to a separate folder on your chosen datastore
  4. Enable SSH on your ESXI host and navigate to the VMDK file just uploaded.
  1. Copy the VMDK file to a usable format
  1. You can remove your original VMDK if you would so desire
  2. Now create your virtual machine, keeping in mind following elements
    1. Remove the original drive
    2. Remove the SCSI adapter (and optionally the CD/DVD Drive)
    3. Add a new existing drive, using your new VMDK file as target
    4. Choose “IDE Controller 0” as the controller location
    5. Make sure the firmware is set to EFI and de-select “Enable UEFI secure boot”
  3. Ready to start op the VM!

Now it’s all about waiting and letting your VM install Homeassistant. I would suggest to also increase the drive size to at least 8GB to allow for updates in the future. You can go bigger if you’d need it!

I hope this guide has allowed you to run your very own Homeassistant instance on ESXI. Allowing to use the snapshot feature makes updates less stressful and allows for errors. I am absolutely in love with it!

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