TRÅDFRI vs SONOFF smart plugs

Ever wondered whether you should purchase an Ikea TRÅDFRI or a plain old Sonoff? They both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example; Sonoff devices always had the name to be cheap, but how cheap are they really? The cables and plugs do really add up!

Price€5 Base price. Wires & plugs cost additional.€10 base price. Hub (€40) & remote (€5) cost extra.Depending on amount of appliances. Make the calculation yourself.
ConnectivityWiFi (1 IP per device)HUB (potential repeaters). 1 IP per ~100 devicesHigh amount of Sonoff devices will eat up IPs.
Automation PossibilitiesRequirement for flashing them (FTDI adpater, firmware possibilities, ...)Easy to connect to the gateway with different tools. Also possible to connect the bulbs to other gatewaysTRÅDFRI is easier to integrate
MaintenanceNeed to maintain custom firmware, but not dependant on servicesAutomatic maintenance, but depending on Ikea supportTRÅDFRI (for now)
ModularityMultiple modesl (4CH, Dual, ...) + adding sensors to GPIO + TH10 has sensors built inN/ASONOFF
LongevityOpenSource FirmwareRelying on HUBSONOFF
SafetyWrong/badconnections can make it unsafeNo DIY/assembly requiredTRÅDFRI
Blending Factorif not built-in quite messy. Making it more clean-looking increases price.Pretty hidden, but visibleTRÅDFRI?

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