Package tracking state card in HomeAssistant (using Aftership)

Recently I felt the need for a HomeAssistant component which would allow me to track all my parcels I am expecting. As with all DIY people out there this list can get lengthy. I found some others attempting to do something similar, but this would only cause more and more problems for my specific case (logs getting flooded on missing packages, losing the overview on the HomeAssistant homepage, …)

I am using AfterShip as this is a platform that allows me to add (for free!) all my packages and automatically look for missing information. And they have a very easy to use API!

Behold the AfterShip HomeAssistant State Card!

This allow you to view all your tracked packages in a single card. For now it is still very basic and will need to be installed separately from HomeAssistant, but let’s see where I take this.


22 June 2018: Just finished developing the plug-in. I am planning on making some clean-up changes and then releasing it to the public.

24 June 2018: I have released the initial code on GitHub. I will still try to make some small fixes of issues I see during my initial usage!

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