RetroPie – My adventures into Retro-gaming

So it has been a while since I did anything interesting except for playing some games… Like most of the time.

Recently I had the idea of utilizing my Raspberry Pi for something else than my “perfectly legal” Torrent box. Quickly I came to the idea of using my pi as an oldschool gaming console using┬áthe wonderful work of the guys at RetroPie. I quickly found out I can emulate a whole lot of different consoles, from SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) to GBA (GameBoy Advanced) to PS 1 (PlayStation 1) and DOSBox. I quickly found some ROMS and started my adventures with a plain old keyboard. Turns out retro gaming with a Keyboard is not that easy…

To fully breath the retro-gaming feel I decided to order some SNES controlles with USB extensions (from one of my favorite online WebShops, Banggood). Now I haven’t received them yet so I hope they’ll work without to much of a hassle. For now I will keep playing with a keyboard and hope my controllers arrive soon.

If I have more games set-up I might jump in some more advanced stuff with the RetroPie and share the details, as this is -in my opinion- a very fun little project.

RetroPie worms

RetroPie worms

See you guys later… I’ll be retro-gaming for now!

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